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It’s harsh

I loved it until I played race the teacher I mean he is a VIDEO. Of course he knows it plus it gives you three seconds. Right when I solve he solves it and the numbers are not in the order I’m used too. This is why I don’t get it right. Also when you get a problem wrong gives you a look that says “WHY DONT YOU KNOW IT I MEAN YOU SHOULD KNOW”

Excellent app

My son is in K.. this has helped very much.. he does practice in others apps.. but does this every day to check the progress.

Bad math

To hard should teach better

This is a terrible program

I was super excited when we got the note home about XtraMath... We have been using it for two months and it has no benefit. You begin each lesson with a progress quiz, followed by two race the teacher quizzes. This is the part that is very discouraging. Not all children perform well under pressure of a timer. There needs to more practice time and less racing. We do it everyday because it is required by our child’s school. I regret buying the app. Utilize it for free and don’t give this company a dime.


Ok, I’m not a teenager or an adult. But this is for thanking you guys. I’m Victoria G. Green. Which you might know. Thanks so much, this is really helping me. Even for fact fluency, thank you developers for creating this! No haters! :3

Excellent app for 3rd grader

This has been a great app that helped my daughter advance beyond performing math on her fingers. Highly recommend for building math abilities.

Stress and "becoming smart"

I am actually a 6th grader and does this program. I learned in my years that becoming fast in math doesn't make you smart. There was a mathematician who was the slowest person in his math class and thought he was dumb but taking your time and learning from it is the best way to grow neurons. Also stress can give you anxiety when doing this. I actually recommend that you do st math or khan academy. Gives them time to think.

Pretty good, but...

I love this app,mint helps me with my basic math, the design is amazing and it doesn't freeze! But I used to use this on my mom computer and after I used it, it was super laggy after. My moms computer is the only thing that pays the bills, it almost crashed, and I'm 100% sure it was XtraMath who caused the virus, same with my dads laptop, it's also the thing that pays the bills, it's his JOB AND LIFE. I tried it out on his laptop because it wasn't working on my moms computer anymore, after I used it on the laptop, it did the same, it was super laggy and almost crashed. This app has a virus I'm pretty sure. That's not the only thing, when I tried to log into my iPad (the only thing that hasn't almost crashed so far) it kept on saying my name was wrong, I don't get this and think this should be fixed if XtraMath is reading this, but accept that, pretty decent -Sarah Whinnery

Anxiety, fear, competition-find another way to teach

This app is inappropriate and is a lazy teachers way to force repetition. It kills confidence, causes anxiety and scores the child with big red x’s, green checks or smiley faces. To make things worse, it gives you a ding (just like a slot machine) for a correct answer and a loud buzzer for an incorrect answer. I am really rethinking my child’s education if this is how the curriculum is practiced.

I wish there is 0 star so I can rate this trash app with zero.

What made me mad is that you have to agree to the consent let xtramath use your child's data, otherwise you are not able to use the app even you already paid. So why don't you tell us before we buy it? I am curious which moron developed this app? Xtramath you have no right to get any data from my child even you declared that you don't sell info. I am open to discuss this issue publicly. To all parents, save money and don't waste time on this trash app.

Don’t waste your money

A waste of money!!! The website works better and is free. The keys are too small to us on an iphone.

Great app

We love this app but is there a way to use it on other devices without paying 4.99 for each device? I paid for it using my iPhone not realizing my daughter can’t get it on her tablet without paying again


Tests your speed, not the math. In the two years I had to do this, almost everyone in the class had some sort of nervous break down at some point over this. Super stressful. I’ve seen the developer saying you can change the time, but he teacher don’t know or won’t let you. Also, choose new teacher images. The teachers look happy when you get it wrong. It tests your typing speed, not your math. There was a girl in our class, she was great at math, but she has a disability, and cannot quickly and accurately press the buttons, so she almost failed math that year.


Love how a 5 star rating AFTER my initial 1 star made it in but my rating did not. This app is a confidence destroyer.

Wonderful custom options!

I’ve had the same complaints that others have had but now the custom option gives a little more time to those still working on their math facts and found the 3second time frame terrifying. My 8 yr old daughter knows her math facts but not quickly and the 3seconds discouraged her, making her want to give up and she said she “felt stupid.” The custom 6seconds allows her to practice without continued failure. Thank you so much for adding in this vital component. If you are considering this app, be sure that your child has strong number sense FIRST. This year we begin multiplication (we homeschool) so fast recollection of addition and subtraction is necessary. Thank you to Xtra math for listening to the reviews and making an even stronger program to assist those who don’t operate under the shortest of times.

Needs an App Designer

Well Designed interfaces and visuals would turn negative attitudes towards this app upside down. Developers, if you were a child would you think this app was exciting? Would you want to spend 30 mins to an hour per day interacting with this? A designer can help. I design interactive experiences for a living and would love to help you turn Xtra Math into a tool that kids and parents will love. Contact me if interested!


My mom made me do it NOT FUN!!!!!!👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

This is a bad app

The UX for this app is really bad. My kid is fighting the technology more than the math problems. Also, it is designed for right handed kids. A lefty has to cover up the whole problem to type on a backwards set of numbers. I’m disappointed in my school district for adopting this app.

Not the best, not the worst

My son’s 3rd grade teacher uses this app to assist with memorizing the multiplication tables. The app seems to focus on answering math questions quickly. I have never understood why doing math quickly is important unless you are trying to calculate the trajectory of an incoming missile and that is what computers are for because I’d love to see people working that out in their heads. Anyways, I have emphasized with him to ignore the timer and focus on the problem. As he learns he naturally gets quicker whether the timer is there or not. I suppose teaching kids to ignore outside pressures and distractions and just get things done is life skill in itself. There are a couple of body language expressions the “teacher” makes when he gets things wrong that make him think the “teacher” is mad at him which does not seem conducive to learning but I reminded him it’s not his real teacher it’s just a character in an app. Overall, it’s not the best math app I’ve seen, and I kinda feel it’s unnecessary for what my son’s teacher is using it for, but I’ve seen worse ones.

Never buy this!!!!!

So stressful never buy I CANt speak poperly!!!I Want too cers!!! I’m better at riting it then usin th ap!!!!

This game seems like a poo

It’s been the last game i what to play 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢.


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I love this!! My, just barely turned 5 years old, daughter just graduated the first level for addition - thanks to this app!!!!


My daughter has used this app for three weeks and she appears to do worse every time. The pressure and stress of time pushes her to anxiety. To a 3rd grader who is not use to even using a calculator, the inverted number pad causes delays in response as she spends time looking for the numbers that are not in their natural order as she knows them. Second, while understanding the importance of rapid recall of math facts, a little more time should be given before an answer is marked wrong. Third, the racing the teacher aspect places more pressure as the guy in the side makes motions of “why don’t you know this” when an incorrect answer is given. There is a lot of improvements needed on this app and there should be other activities to gauge progress than repeated timed stressful testing. Learning should be fun, not stressful. While I am leaving a comment here that hopefully will spark more development of this app, I will also be commenting to my daughters school to discourage any further use of this app. This is a huge confidence deflator.

Great to learn basic +-*/ facts

It’s adaptive and this helps kids be comfortable while they learn. It’s not too hard and not too easy. Also, there are no unnecessary taps, great UI.

A good app to re-enforce math skills.

This is a great app to help your child remember their math equations. No it is not easy, and it can take some children a lot of time to get good at it. But when they are done they will have a better memory and handle on their math.

An excellent resource

I typically don’t write reviews but feel compelled to in this case. Our daughter (now 9 years old and a rising 4th grader) was directed to this app in 2nd grade through her school teacher. In the beginning it was a chore for her. Parents and children should know that progress is incremental and it takes a while to finish each unit. But my daughter persisted and when she saw she was close to completing the addition unit, she became independently motivated to sign in each day and was delighted to get her achievement certificate at the end. A similar pattern has continued since then: she started off slowly in the subtraction and multiplication units, somewhat daunted by the task of filling in all her green squares, but then after a few months of sporadic use, she saw she was near the end and powered through in the last month. Seeing the graphs of her progress provided her with visual confirmation that she was improving. And conversely, she could see in the months when she didn’t practice that her score was flatlining. She just received her multiplication certificate yesterday (I’ve printed them out and she has hung them proudly above her bedside table) and has already started the division unit. This is an excellent resource, not just for getting kids to learn basic math facts, but as other reviewers have noted, in teaching them the value of persistence and the old adage that practice makes perfect. Your child won’t of course learn the concept of multiplication, division, etc. but if they grasp those concepts elsewhere (in class or at home) this provides them with superb exercises to sharpen their mathematical abilities. The exercises can be grueling, especially at the beginning, but all of them can be completed in less than 10 minutes. Think of the process as comparable to achieving physical fitness, which similarly requires effort and some pain. I think of Xtra Math doing the same thing for mental fitness. And at no charge! A big thanks to the developers of this app for providing such a superb tool for children.

Give it a chance

I thought when I started this at school that this was terrible, but when u give it a chance, you feel accomplished. I was the first girl to get to division. Whoever doesn't like it, try again!

This app taught my kids Math!

Our school brought xtramath to us and she learned her basic math. When my next child came, the school changed their progam but we were so happy with xtramath, we got the xtramath for him separately. Now he has learned his basic math skills. This is not a game, it is homework, so sometimes we have to push a little, but they love the completion certificates! We love this app and constantly recommend it, even back to our teachers who agree with us! It's a free app but now I need to send some thank you money!

XtraMath is hard to use

This app is very hard to sign into!!! This is one of the worst math apps I have ever used. This makes Me want to rip my hair out. I lose my mind after using this app every day! This is a horrid way to practice your facts! If you just accidentally press a number it ruins your whole progress quiz. I WASTED 5 HARD EARED DOLLARS ON THIS MONSTROSITY!!!!! ZERO STAR RATING! Also, the guy makes MEAN looks at you. THIS APP IS WAY WAY WAY WAY TO EXPENSIVE TO BUY! Don’t waste your money!

I really don’t like it

The idea of the app is good and it does help sometimes. BUT 90% of the time I’m wrong it’s 1. The anxiety from having to awnser within (3 seconds???) or 2. The buttons are annoyingly small. It really doesn’t help too much considering I still have a D in math.

Progress quiz

Should let you choose to do the progress quiz or race the teacher

Meh... it’s ok, I guess

It’s ok but some ups and downs. 1)it good with basic stuff but the order of the sections, this leads into the next thing. 2)maybe you should put the placement test at the end, just a suggestion Otherwise it’s ok regardless on what my classmates tell me. Thanks for reading. (And the people who made this.

Update PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First of all, I had to buy this app AND i THOUGHT that this would be AWESOME, apparently, i saw NO pause button which made it HARDER because when you have tgt the bathroom, you have to b r i n g your iPad into the bathroom and do what u have to do. Like ARE U SERIOUS or what? So update and put a pause button PLZ, i dont care where ever u put it. Second, should you NOT BE SO SENSITIVE because if i mess up, the box turns yellow or gray! So make on update and fix these fixes u can fix, ok?


I hate math and this app made me life HORRIBLE


The game glitches and also the numbers are to small so you always miss the keys if I said all the problems it would take forever so don’t buy it

I love it but race the teacher doesn’t have a clock

I love this game but I just hate the way on race the teacher because there’s no timer and there’s only a timer in the progress one so can you do a timer on racing the teacher?

Misses the mark

My grandson uses this for school. As a retired educator, I can see where a classroom might see this as beneficial. You can assess many children in a short amount of time. Unfortunately, this does not help all children. My grandson knows his addition facts very well. He has been able to write answers to 100 addition facts in well under three minutes. His fingers do not hit the keypad accurately thus recording many incorrect answers. Also, when using a keypad, your sense of touch feels the same in your brain for a 3, for example, as a 7. When you are physically writing the numbers, these facts will be recorded to your long term memory much more efficiently. This is his seventh month working with your addition app and he has yet to ‘pass’ to subtraction. Unfortunately, his classroom doesn’t utilize multiple forms of assessment. The timing factor does not work well for him either. If this method works well for your child, great. Don’t continue if it’s not working for you though.

Good and helpful

I’ve done XtraMath both in computer and tablet and it’s just great even when the reviews are bad I feel like it’s just good and a good place to start math and can you fix the math overview so you can do math up to down and left to right or I need to shook my tablet??????

I hate it so much

I'm force to use this dumb app it doe not help at all. Race the teacher gives me no time to figure out the problem. IT MAKES ME HATE MATH MORE!!!! And it is creepy that the teachers can see how good your doing. When she told my mom about the app my mom did not make me do it and the teacher found out and told my mom again then my mom made me do it.


Please add more minutes to the racing the teacher part because if you want to have people take time to think it’s to fast what is it could you please add MORE SECONDS PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE it’s just too frustrating Thanks. If you guys can Thank you

Love Xtra Math

We have used Xtra Math for 3 kids and it has been a wonderful resource. Just used the app for the first time and it we will quite useful. We appreciate the ability to customize times and programs for each student's needs.


Well I like this platform, and I can understand why this is a thing but sometimes it makes me fell stupid and the worst in my class but that is not true😜! plus in race the teacher I answer then 1 millisecond it tells me in wrong! I prefer this app but you’re kid will complain a lot!!!! P.S I do love it 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀👍🏻

Taught me a lot

This app has taught me a lot of stuff that is now easy for me. In 3rd grade, I was really struggling with my math because, it was all multiplication and division. I was at a public school in 2nd and we were just starting to learn about multiplying. We didn’t learn division yet, and then I changed to a private Montessori school. And they were already doing like 4th and 5th grade math, so of course I was clueless!! But I was glad to get outta that public school. Now, I’m in a public school in 4th grade, and my teacher made us do XtraMath. And curious little me was wondering, “What is XtraMath?!” So, I tried it, I hated it. I didn’t realize that slowly over time, I was getting better multiplication!! And one day, I passed! I was so unbelievably happy and proud of myself!! Then I started division, I hated it, but eventually I got better and passed! Now I’m on the faster multiplication and I’m close to passing!! So thank you so much XtraMath for changing my life for the better! So anyway, long story short, BUY this app! It helps your child with adding, subtracting, multiplication, and division. It may not be that fun, but it’s worth it!! So buy this app for your kid, it totally works, I promise! Have a good day! 🤗🤗🤗

It helps but...

This is a great app for math but, the keypad doesn’t make very much sense. I would DEFINITELY rate 5 stars but that is the 1 problem. It is because I use it side to side like a computer keyboard. If you could please add a setting were you can use it like a computer keyboard. Can I please get a response and can you please add that?

Great Job!

Thank you very for creating this tool. My son is currently in 5th grade and it helps him a lot with speed in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. This tool was recommended by his teacher and I appreciate him for it.


I hate xtra math so much because every time I do a bad session it bumps down my number my teacher thinks everyone in my class loves Xtra math but we don’t because of that reason and it says you don’t know the problem but you do I used to love math but now I hate math all because of xtra math and now I think I am not good enough at math all because of xtra math!!

1.5 if I could

Very good app when doing division in school. This app really helped me but now my teacher still makes me do it and this app is helpless. Doesn't even make sense, why do you get a second extra on race the teacher than the progress quiz?!?! Not horrible but not good either.

Stupid teacher...

This theacher is very smug when you get something incorrect. And if you don’t even get 1 incorrect, YOU STILL HAVE NOT COMPLETED IT!!!!!😡😡😡 This is disappointing. Even my MOM hates it because it only tests you on how fast you can TYPE. PLZ change or delete this game👎👎👎👎


best math game ever!!!

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