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XtraMath app for iPhone and iPad

4.0 ( 6640 ratings )
Developer: XtraMath
4.99 USD
Current version: 3.20.29, last update: 11 months ago
First release : 08 Jun 2014
App size: 74.33 Mb

XtraMath helps your child master the basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts that are the building blocks of your childs math education. Recalling the basic arithmetic facts quickly and easily is essential for success with fractions, decimals, and multi-digit algorithms. It also frees up mental resources for more complex problem solving.
XtraMath student activities are simple and straightforward and take only a few minutes each day. The program uses sophisticated methods to present your child with the right problem at the right time to maximize the effectiveness of practice. Students earn a certificate of achievement when they complete an operation.

You will receive a weekly progress report in e-mail. The report shows how well your child knows their math facts and the progress they are making toward mastery. More detailed reports can be accessed via the web at any time.
XtraMath has been used by millions of students around the world. Many teachers choose XtraMath to supplement their regular math curriculum in the classroom. Parents and teachers like the fact that XtraMath is a non-profit and does not display any advertising to students.

Math facts are the building blocks of your child’s math eduction and your child will be well-rewarded for the time they spend practicing on XtraMath.

Pros and cons of XtraMath app for iPhone and iPad

XtraMath app good for

As a teacher, I love this app. It is incredibly thorough and will not pass students until they have proven mastery. Many schools pay substantial money for programs that do exactly what this program does. Thank you for making this available for everyone!
Looks like a great app but it froze a lot on me today. Please fix it.

Some bad moments

Just got the app for my son, the audio does not work, every other app works on my iPad but this app is mute. Any ideas? Also, the XtraMath app does not show on the list of apps in Settings, how come? No setting to look at.
Your child has to pass the mastery test with 100% accuracy and speed 2 out of 3 times to move from one operation to the next. This idiocy results in a fourth grader who tests into accelerated math never moving off of single digit addition. I am not sure which educational philosophy advocates staying in the same place FOREVER until you are perfect not just once but several times. Do your child a favor and go straight to Kahn Academy if you want them to actually learn math.
This past year my daughter had to do this twice a week. We paid 5.00 for the app. Well worth that. But, they told us about two weeks ago our app was outdated and we had to buy the app again for 5.00. I would have given three starts except for that. I almost would give it four. Okay- she is 10, she was 9.5 at beginning of using it. She found it boring. Now, so are flash cards, so to be fair... Drill is boring, but I felt they could give small incentives to keep them interested like have them pick their favorite character and earn a collection of them. Or, even a cute thing would be a silly joke that pops up or if a picture of a cool animal in the wild when they do good. Something. A solid app that the gifted and regular programs use. I do recommend.
Bought this app because it was recommended by the school. They supplied the registration code for each kid. The app wont take the code! I can only type in 8 character of a 12 character code, the field only accepts 8. Then I tried to submit anyway, got an error saying"code must be 12 characters". Unbelievable. I want my money back!
Downloaded for 2 children and was disappointed you can only put the app on one device without purchasing the app again. There is sound but for the cost it should work on multiple devices. Since it doesnt I would recommend families continue to use the free online version.
This is a great way to practice math,I love it for my son he loves it too,thank you for making such an easy to use app.We use it on or desktop,couldnt be happier thanks!!!