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Wonderful math resource

As a teacher, I love this app. It is incredibly thorough and will not pass students until they have proven mastery. Many schools pay substantial money for programs that do exactly what this program does. Thank you for making this available for everyone!


Looks like a great app but it froze a lot on me today. Please fix it.


Fix the bugs fix the crashing fix the glitches to much raging

Sound does not work

Just got the app for my son, the audio does not work, every other app works on my iPad but this app is mute. Any ideas? Also, the XtraMath app does not show on the list of apps in Settings, how come? No setting to look at.

Poorly thought out

Your child has to pass the mastery test with 100% accuracy and speed 2 out of 3 times to move from one operation to the next. This idiocy results in a fourth grader who tests into accelerated math never moving off of single digit addition. I am not sure which educational philosophy advocates staying in the same place FOREVER until you are perfect not just once but several times. Do your child a favor and go straight to Kahn Academy if you want them to actually learn math.

3 if they did not charge me again for same app. Effective, but boring.

This past year my daughter had to do this twice a week. We paid 5.00 for the app. Well worth that. But, they told us about two weeks ago our app was outdated and we had to buy the app again for 5.00. I would have given three starts except for that. I almost would give it four. Okay- she is 10, she was 9.5 at beginning of using it. She found it boring. Now, so are flash cards, so to be fair... Drill is boring, but I felt they could give small incentives to keep them interested like have them pick their favorite character and earn a collection of them. Or, even a cute thing would be a silly joke that pops up or if a picture of a cool animal in the wild when they do good. Something. A solid app that the gifted and regular programs use. I do recommend.

Cant even registers!

Bought this app because it was recommended by the school. They supplied the registration code for each kid. The app wont take the code! I can only type in 8 character of a 12 character code, the field only accepts 8. Then I tried to submit anyway, got an error saying"code must be 12 characters". Unbelievable. I want my money back!

Too Limited

Downloaded for 2 children and was disappointed you can only put the app on one device without purchasing the app again. There is sound but for the cost it should work on multiple devices. Since it doesnt I would recommend families continue to use the free online version.

easy to use

This is a great way to practice math,I love it for my son he loves it too,thank you for making such an easy to use app.We use it on or desktop,couldnt be happier thanks!!!

JUST like the website!

I bought it, them I signed in and it was just like the website! And you could go on the website for free! What a waste of money! Someone said you could get gems and I didnt!

Awesome! But read:

This is great for me! I love it but its kind of boring and the race the teacher part just takes me down!

Ky girl

This app is a rip off. Recommended by the school that my children attend, but the fact that you can not use on multiple devices stinks. I have 2 children and our time at home usually coincides with both of them needing to be on the app at the same time. The content itself is the same as other apps that offer more features , are cheaper and can be use on multiple devices. I wish this app was mot recommended by schools.

Bought it for iPad for $4.99 but doesnt work

App doesnt function properly when I bought and downloaded it. Blank login page that didnt let me click on anything.

Negative Tool For Teaching

Our school uses this app, while we understand the drills and repetitive concept, this app is really flashing “YOU SUCK” everytime a student gets a problem wrong. There’s no forgiveness for accidental keyed numbers, there’s no time for the student to figure out the problem where they have time to build confidence, the app automatically gives the right answer without the student having the ability to understand, learn and figure out the problems themselves. Really a horrible way of teaching and it’s pretty sad this is how the school district is replacing teachers.

its alright

For the money I expected more. To check your childs progress, you have to go to the website, you cant do it in the app. Or you have to wait for them to send you the weekly email. My son likes to see right away how he did, its a little annoying

Very well done!

I homeschool my kids and use this program in addition to my normal curriculum to strengthen their math facts. With the app, kids can log in on the computer or their ipad. Even my unmotivated, firecracker ADHD child loves the program. You can sign up and do the program online for free. So, I dont have a problem with the price for the app. Im not sure how it would work for a school setting with multiple iPads, but it works great for my household!

Dont waste your money

What a waste of money. I spent 5 dollars to have an icon on my iPad when I could just as easily have book marked it on the internet.

Discouraging math at its best...

Horrible app bad number pad way to fast want to throw Mr.C across the room and throw device across the room do not get app

Overpriced, bare bones, and discourages learning.

To begin, I have to say we purchased this app because teachers at my childs school told us we should to help keep track of basic math skills. It reports back my childs progress to her teacher. While this is a nice idea for tracking "homework," the delivery is laughably bad given the 5.00 price tag. Interface looks like it was designed by my girls 1st grade class. There is nothing that makes your child want to interact with the still-image of a befuddled teacher. This app is flash cards and nothing more. Buy some flash cards and keep track of the ones they master. There are TONS of other math apps out there for less money, that track your childs progress, are fun to use AND arent stressful.

No sound in app, not worth the $5

Not worth the money. Problems from the start. No sounds, no interactive features to engage the child.

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