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Wonderful math resource

As a teacher, I love this app. It is incredibly thorough and will not pass students until they have proven mastery. Many schools pay substantial money for programs that do exactly what this program does. Thank you for making this available for everyone!

3 if they did not charge me again for same app. Effective, but boring.

This past year my daughter had to do this twice a week. We paid 5.00 for the app. Well worth that. But, they told us about two weeks ago our app was outdated and we had to buy the app again for 5.00. I would have given three starts except for that. I almost would give it four. Okay- she is 10, she was 9.5 at beginning of using it. She found it boring. Now, so are flash cards, so to be fair... Drill is boring, but I felt they could give small incentives to keep them interested like have them pick their favorite character and earn a collection of them. Or, even a cute thing would be a silly joke that pops up or if a picture of a cool animal in the wild when they do good. Something. A solid app that the gifted and regular programs use. I do recommend.

Poorly thought out

Your child has to pass the mastery test with 100% accuracy and speed 2 out of 3 times to move from one operation to the next. This idiocy results in a fourth grader who tests into accelerated math never moving off of single digit addition. I am not sure which educational philosophy advocates staying in the same place FOREVER until you are perfect not just once but several times. Do your child a favor and go straight to Kahn Academy if you want them to actually learn math.


Liked the old version of the app better. The new version of the app - the keypad section is so small my child gets frustrated because he accidentally hits the number next to what he was trying for. Plus - I had paid for the app for my older daughter, and when I went to add my son, the app told me it was out of date and had to be updated, but I had to pay a 2nd time for the new updated version - which is a step in the wrong direction from the previous version. Finally - there are some audio issues with the new version. Odd areas of static and cut off words. Love the website - very disappointed in the current app. Hopefully improvements will be made, and I wont be required to pay a 3rd time to get them.

Amazing app for math FACTS!

This app is amazing for memorization of math facts...addition, subtraction, etc. My son knows his basic math facts so well now, he can focus his attention on learning more advanced concepts like decimals and fractions without stressing over basic addition and subtraction. There were periods of frustration where he felt he would never master certain problems, but he did. His confidence has increased tremendously.

Simple, effective app to practice math facts

My first grade daughters teacher recommended this app to the class and we have seen such growth in both confidence and skill in one month of using this app. It evaluates your childs starting point and then quizzes them first on addition facts and once those are mastered, it moves on to subtraction. She does it for 10 min a night and it has made such a difference. The first few nights she didnt want to do it, but we convinced her to stick with it and even my 6 year old is noticing results! Ive recommended this app to all my friends--instilling math confidence early is so important and this app has no frills, ads, etc and is fantastic for practice. I highly, highly recommend!!


The absolute worst app and a complete waste of money

Bad app

My child loved math of all kinds, but since she started xtramath she hates all math and refuses to do it when her teacher asks her to. DO NOT GET THIS APP!

Had to re pay for app

Similar to many others I had to re-pay and download app again. If my daughter wasnt getting benefit from it I would not do it. Almost a bare and switch.

Not happy

My daughter has to use this several times per week for homework. The updates to the app are great. My daughter says its easier to use than it has been in the past. However, I am not happy that I had to purchase the app a second time to get the update.

Updates mean you have to buy app again!

Very disappointed. My sons teacher uses this and we bought it for my iPhone in the Fall but that app quit working, saying we arent using latest version and: update needed. There was no waiting update. My only option was to buy it again! I have the same phone (running the latest iOS) and Apple ID I did in the Fall. Why would you charge for updates? I dont recall being notified on my original purchase the app I was buying would be obsolete as soon as they came out with an update. Poor business practice.

Great App

I never review apps, but I choose to write my first one because I dont understand the negative reviews. This is a great app for basic math facts. Both my 1st and 3rd grader have increased their skills.

Addition to division!

So my child plays video games sometimes. Once we got xtramath he was the best

New version asked me to buy it again

Cant sign in today, with a message asking me to upgrade. Went into App Store and the app is asking for $4.99 again! I had no choice but to buy it again since my kids school requires her to do it everyday. After installation, there are 2 xtramath apps on my iPad, which basically means they are treated as 2 different apps! Nicely done, xtramath! There are many other better apps out there, if not for the school, I wont even bother to take a look at this one.

No sound!

Do not buy. Use the website. Just paid $5 and no sound!!! We have a iPad mini with retina so the problem is the app, not the iPad.

Perfect iPhone implementation

I read some of the negative reviews of this app and have experienced none of the problems mentioned. The app gives me the full functionality of the browser version right on my iPhone. Im am using the app to monitor student progress right now since my laptop is down. XtraMath is the best free math facts program I have found (I would recommend reflex math for those willing to pay the subscription fee.) I xtramath to help struggling high school and college students master what they should have learned in grade school. I also use it myself to improve my arithmetic speed and accuracy in a manner similar to how musicians warm up on scales before practicing more challenging pieces and skills. I think of the $5 I paid to buy the app as an initial donation to keep the "free" (no cost to me or my students) xtramath website and program running. Well worth it.

Sound does not work

Just got the app for my son, the audio does not work, every other app works on my iPad but this app is mute. Any ideas? Also, the XtraMath app does not show on the list of apps in Settings, how come? No setting to look at.


needs a lot of improvements I recommend more hard questions

I think

Its the worst thing ever

Good problems, bad tech

Have not been able to get the sound to work on our iPad. I paid $5 for this app and the sound doesnt even work?! There are better math apps that work great that are FREE. Not impressed.

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